• EPEUS Civic Association is a non-political, voluntary association of interest by high school, Gymnazium, Skolska 7, Spisska Nova Ves. It is an independent body, which may in its behalf acquire rights and responsibilities.
  • Purpose of the civic association EPEUS is funding and material support of educational process at school, taking care of continuing professional development of teachers, supporting the overall development of educational, cultural and sports activities of students with regard to developing talented students and supporting socially disadvantaged students.
  • EPEUS is governed by the Board and a manager of the association, control activities are carried out by the Board of Supervisors.
  • The association wealth consists of membership fees, government grants, donations by sponsors, association property and by organizing various activities, grants and etc.
  • Manager of EPEUS is Ing. Jozef Pavlo, e-mail address pavlo@gymsnv.sk


Bank account title: OZ EPEUS

Bank account number: 166 988 7453/0200

ID: 3554 7910

TAX ID: 2021 770 630

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